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Fixings Range

An anchor system designed to cut its own thread into block and brick work, eliminating the need for placement time consuming plastic plugs and inserts. Conmate is suitable for fixing a wide range of materials, from timber to plastic simply and effectively in one operation with our unique conmate tool. Every pack of 100 Conmate fasteners includes a high quality masonry drill bit of the correct size and diameter for installation. The correct length of fastener to use is determined by taking the thickness of the material to be fixed, and adding the minimum embedment of 25mm. The hole should be drilled at least 6mm deeper than the embedment of the anchor.

For fixing flashing and sheet to masonry and brick. The 'con-mate' anchor system is ideal for securingmost types of material direct to concrete and brickwork, it's thread will cut and tap its's own thread eliminating the need of time consuming plastic plug inserts. To select the correct fastener length add the thickness of amterial to be fixed then add an extra 25mm for embedment , the pre drilled hole shoul be 6mm deeper than the embedment of the 'con-mate'. Sizes 30 - 45 - 70 are also available in '304 grade stainless steel'.


Con-mate, self-tapping, threaded fasteners are the fast and foolproof way to attach fixtures and other material up to 4" thick to concrete, brick, block and mortar without anchors, sleeves, difficult nailing or explosives.

Head Styles

Available in flat countersunk Phillips head and hex washer head designs.


Special thread form improves pullout resistance-plus, fastner may be unscrewed and reinstalled if necessary.


Manufactured from Carbon steel Oxyseal lll ® coating provides excellent corrosion resistance.

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